Friday, October 13, 2006

Push for War Crimes; American Soldiers 'Unlawfully Killed" British Journalist

A inquest on Friday into the death of Terry Lloyd, one of Britain’s most accomplished war correspondent has discovered that U.S soldiers were at serious fault and responsible for the unlawful killing of Terry and his translator, Hussein Othman. There is hope that in the wake of this inquest, the soldiers responsible can be tried for war crimes.

The award winning war correspondent that had covered conflicts in Iraq, Cambodia, Bosnia and Kosovo was killed in March 2003 in southern Iraq as he reported from the front line during the first few days of the U.S.-led invasion.

"It was a despicable, deliberate, vengeful act,"

The ITN television crew passed the American positions in vehicles clearly marked 'press' to report from the frontline. When they came under fire by Iraq vehicles they rushed back to the American defences. The soldiers that had seen the vehicle not five minutes ago opened fire killing translator Hussein Othman and probably French cameraman Fred Nerac, who is still missing.
Terry, who had been shot in the stomach by an Iraqi bullet, was being loaded into a minibus by helpers when an American Soldier shot him in the head.

Louis Charalambous, the Lloyd family's lawyer criticized the U.S Army as " appear[ing] to have allowed their soldiers to behave like trigger-happy cowboys" and urges for the soldiers responsible to be brought before a war crime tribunal. This has received full support by ITN, who will vehemently back any moves to bring those "those responsible for Terry's death to account before a court of law".

The coalition suffered more casualties from American forces than from the entire Iraqi army and the subsequent Insurgents. Their gung-ho attitude has brought about countless deaths of Iraqi civilians, a large portion of which are women and children. These are rarely reported and hardly ever acted upon if no press are present.

What is it about the U.S. armed forces? Ever since the Mai Lai massacre of Vietnam their soldiers and superiors have acted with a complete disregard for the countries they are 'liberating'.

But then everybody knows one American soldier is worth a hundred non-American civilians.



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