Monday, October 30, 2006

The Need For Change Inside The Political Left.

The fall of the Soviet Union devastated the cause of the left; many now believe that Communism and Socialism are finally broken never to rise to challenge the power of the west again. This has ruined leftist political parties throughout the western world; the current formula for revolution has failed.

The left is now seen as an extremist party, full of hypocrites, hippies, vagrant and spongers off the state. What was once seen as the movement which would lead to the next stage in human development is now seen as an archaic system worthy only of misfits.

How has this image come to be? A large portion of our misrepresentation has come about because of the negative influence of mass media; media owned by the Elites. The evident sympathy for conservative parties because of their leniency towards big business has created a system whereby the left cannot possibly hope to compete in media representation. There is only one daily english socialist newspaper in the whole of the world (The Morning Star) and many millions of capitalist newspapers world-wide.

Knowledge is Power as the old saying goes. Without an objective perspective present in the mass media the left will always be condemed to the role of dangerous or just plain stupid. To change we need to change the media.

However it is not just the media that is at fault. The left is in serious need to change the way it presents itself to the rest of the world. Revolution has always been the method by which Communism has gained power; the world is now too stable for the coup de ta’s of the 20th century, any attempt would result in a catastrophic failure.

We must therefore adjust to the situation of our time, Gone should be the days of protest and rallies over every single detail of our capitalist state policy. We need to readjust our language also, imperialism, fascist, bourgeois, comrade all should be changed; we have been using them for too long. The aim should be words not actions for our current situation; create a respectable party with as much representation in the media as possible. If we build up a credible alternative party our cause will seem more respectable and worthy to the masses.

I believe we are already well on the way to accomplishing this goal.


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