Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Attack On USA's Syrian Embassy 'Foiled'.

The Syrian security services have foiled an attack on the US embassy in Damascus earlier today. Four attackers, believed to be Islamic militants, attempted to detonated two car bombs outside the embassy; one is believed to have exploded, the other failed to detonate. The men then proceeded to attack the compound with automatic weapons whilst shouting religious slogans. However they were eventually repulsed by the Syrian guards.

Witnesses said that after an initial exchange of fire, two of the attackers sought refuge in a nearby building but were pursued and gunned down by security forces. Three of the attackers have been killed and one is wounded; one Syrian guard has also died. 14 civilians are believed to have been wounded; only one was part of the American embassy staff.

Nobody has claimed responsibility for the attack; it is unlikely to have been work of high profile terrorist organisation, more likely to be the product of a home-grown Islamic cell.


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