Thursday, September 21, 2006

America Is Outraged; The Rest Of The World Applauds...

There was a mass reaction yesterday as two ‘rogue’ leaders aired their views at the UN. Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez and Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad have both come under heavy fire for criticising America on US soil. They received support and their speech's were warmly welcomed from the international community.

This has created further embarrassment to America; there is already talk from the a number of American politicians on pressuring for change in the UN’s forum procedure or even completely withdrawing from the United Nations in the wake of this ‘outrage’. The UN is increasingly being viewed as weak in some circles, for upholding its democratic forum in which every nations has a right to express and explain their views.

The USA is criticizing the UN for allowing what they have been calling ‘mindless thugs’ and ‘tyrannical dictators’ as well as terrorist to air their views to a world audience. Perhaps its is not the fact that they are allowed to to talk, but rather that they are receiving such international support that is angering the US.

One statesmen defiantly stated on FOX news television that if this 'mindless ganging up' of UN members continued the US may be forced to consider 'other alternatives.

Chavez received a ovation by virtually all member states for his speech in which called the US president George Bush the devil.
‘it still smells of sulphur today’ he added brashly

Hugo Chavez in what is viciously being called a ‘PR' stunt has pledged support for impoverished American families today by providing over 45 million litres of home heating oil at a 40% reduction of market price. Supporter and protesters were both visible outside a church in Harlem today, where he made the pledge. Inside he was greeted by chants of “Chavez, Chavez, the people are with you," by over 200 hundred people willing to take up his offer; some had driven 14 hours from alaska to see him.

Venezuela supplies over 1 million barrels of oil a day to America; a fact very much resented by the American right; to need such amounts of oil from a country that so fervently opposes American policy. As much as the USA resents Venezuela, there is a general consensus that Iran, which made it's speech at the UN yesterday, is more of a threat which could jeopardise the US’s oil interests in the middle east.

In recent months Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has been heavily pressured to give up its uranium enrichment programme or face heavy sanctions and possible military action. The USA and Israel especially, argue that Iran is intent on making nuclear weapons and has aims to become a regional superpower; there are also fears of a conflict directed against Israel.

Iran however insists that its enrichment will be used solely for civilian purposes and thus is only continuing down a legitimate path of any country that wish to have civilian nuclear power:

“The age of nuclear weapons has ended ... We do not need the bomb”

He announced at the UN in New York today. Uranium enrichment if pursued, would take another 3 years minimum upon reaching civilian grade uranium, to become weapons grade uranium; which would then be used for a nuclear weapon. A Carnegieen Dowment estimates:

“ that Iran is 5-10 years away from the ability to enrich enough weapons-grade uranium for a nuclear weapon”

There is some thought that it could be possible to allow Iran to enrich uranium to civilian levels and intervene only if there is any further enrichment which would indicate a decision to make nuclear bombs, though this is not widely supported.

Venezuela and Iran are prominent members of the Non-Aligned Movement. Currently two thirds of the United Nations states are members NAM. Their support for Chavez and Ahmadinejad has been evident throughout the meeting in New York, to the embarrassment of the US. The USA is a proud country and does not tolerate humiliation readily; it is probable that the UN will come increasingly sever strain to change it forum style to try and stop charismatic leaders like Chavez from influential other countries to oppose American policy.

If this happens it would be the greatest failing of democracy since the death of the League Of Nations. The dream of a united world torn apart and left bleeding to it's death.


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